A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Built in forty-eight hours for Ludum Dare 33 compo.

You are a disembodied spirit capable of possessing people. You can possess anyone you can see, regardless of whether or not you can reach them. You can possess / dispossess at will and are able to hop directly between bodies.

Your town (in life) is rife with crime and corruption. After you came off worse during a mugging-gone-wrong, you decided to do something about it.

In spirit form, you can move freely. You cannot interact with the environment. Movement drains your ectoplasm (bottom left of the screen), which depletes rapidly and regenerates slowly. Where possible, use your possession ability to traverse the level, either by walking or by jumping between bodies.

In corporeal form, when possessing a body, you are bound to the conventional laws of physics. You can interact with the environment. You will be suspected and occasionally questioned by nearby criminals – you must answer in character, or your borrowed body will be killed. You can tell what the possessed person is like by their personality categories (bottom right of the screen - bottom three are unused).

Rid the level of criminals and reach the graveyard within the two minute time limit.

WASD / Arrows - move around
E / LMB - possess / dispossess a body
E / CTRL - 'operate' nearby objects (in corporeal form)
Space - jump (in corporeal form)
R - Restart the level

There are three levels – the final one was rather rushed (sorry!). There's no menu (priorities).

The game is Java-powered. Assuming Java is installed, it should run on Windows, OS/X, and Linux.

This is my first Ludum Dare submission, woohoo! Third time's the charm.

Install instructions

Java is required to run the game. The contents of the ZIP file must be extracted prior to trying to run it. The 'data' folder must be kept relative to the JAR.

It should run on Windows, OS/X, and Linux.


Dominion 8 MB

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