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Whilst playing draughts, have you ever wanted pieces to explode? How about burst into light during promotion? Well, what about everything exploding at the end? You're in luck!

Play against a friend or a bot, watch two bots battling it out for supremacy, or re-live former victories by spectating past games.

The game is played entirely with the mouse. Not familiar with the rules? Check them out here.


The game includes four artificially intelligent players - Apathy, Greedy, Hungry, and Minimax.

  • Apathy is apathetic by name and nature - this bot doesn't care about the game and moves a piece at random.
  • Greedy tries to pick the best move at the moment, irrespective of future cost.
  • Hungry is a very primitive Greedy, and much less ravenous
  • Minimax tries to anticipate your move and acts accordingly.

None of them are particularly intelligent, but one or two may give you a run for your money... metaphorically speaking, of course - the game is, as always, completely free.


It should run on any PC that has the latest version of Java installed and supports OpenGL 2 or later. Don't have Java? You can download it here.

I created this early last year, in my first year of university, for an assignment. Built in Java using JMonkeyEngine 3.1a (3.0 originally). If anything weird happens, let me know - comment or message / tweet me @Sypanite. If I update the game (as I plan to do so at some point), I'll fix any issues brought to my attention and this page will be updated.

You can find the source code for this revision on my GitHub. It's not as tidy or as documented as I'd like and there's quite a few things I'd change, but I don't have any more time to spend on this at the moment.


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Draughts (Windows) 16 MB
Draughts (Linux) 16 MB
Draughts (OS X) 16 MB
Draughts (JAR) 16 MB

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