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Welcome to ViVio!

Created for the Procedural Content Generation Game Jam 2014. #procjam

Note: If you cannot see all of the seizure warning, choose a higher resolution. The splash settings are there to be set as you see fit, totally up to you.


ViVio is a fast-paced endurance game. You play as a sphere hurtling along an infinite, procedurally generated tunnel. Watch out though, you are being chased by the Chaser!

Roll over hotter colours to speed up - colder colours will slow you down. From slowest to fastest, the colours are blue, magenta, cyan, white (neutral), yellow, orange, and red. The chaser is affected by these too - it's easy to stay ahead if you're infallible...

Avoid the black areas, the tunnel is not integral - you don't want to be sucked into the void!

ViVio also has a 'cruise mode', activated by pressing 'C' (or 'P'). You can cruise down the tunnel forever if you so wish.


LMB / MWU / A / <-Rotate the sphere around the tunnel clockwise
Cruise mode: Increase cruise speed
RMB / MWD / D / ->Rotate the sphere around the tunnel anti-clockwise
Cruise mode: Decrease cruise speed
ESCQuit the game
SPACEStart a new game
CStart a new cruise
OStart a game using the last seed
PStart a cruise using the last seed
MToggle music on/off


If you suffer from any form of optically induced seizures, it's probably best you don't play. Whilst there are no flashing lights, it's quite psychedelic - I'd hate for anyone to react badly to it.

If you begin to get a headache, your eyes start to hurt, you feel drowsy, or anything - stop playing!

A photosensitive seizure warning will be displayed the first time you run the game. Don't worry, you won't be reminded every time.


Concept/Code: Carl Linley (sypanite@outlook.com) (@Sypanite)

Engine: The JMonkeyEngine team (www.jmonkeyengine.org)

Music: "Techno Celebration" by Eric Matyas (www.soundimage.org)

Code in the 'simplex' package: Based on example code by Stefan Gustavson (stegu@itn.liu.se) with optimisations by Peter Eastman (peastman@drizzle.stanford.edu) and better rank ordering method by Gustavson in 2012.


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